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first day of school break..mcm2 yg dibuat,lepas tolong husband cuci kereta...i ubah sikit location furniture yg tk seberapa...hasil nya tklah juga seberapa tp i rasa tenang..i load this pic just to share ideas with other bloggers about interior decor..actlly byk lagi pic yg disnap tpi segan plak rasa..takut dikata nk menayang..i prefer country english yang minimal..ala-ala rumah ladang gitu..moreover, my first daughter,syasya got asthma.i juga jenis yg tk begitu suka jika semua benda dicat putih...window frame and door mmg definitely nice if in white but for certain things kalau dicat putih nampak cheap la pulak..mcm coffee table ni,i biarkn tk di touch up apa2..oak or kayu apa2 pun actually mmg sesuai dgn country decor...its really a theraphy for me...
ABCD Tapestry Cushion Cover
1 pc - RM 19
2 pcs - RM 35
4 pcs - RM 70

CHECKED RIBBONS - red,black,green + white
1 meter - RM4 ( min purchase - 5 mtrs) stock price is RM3 permeter...dh tinggal sikit..cepat sblm habis
Victorian Lady Scented Sachet - vanilla n lavender
RM6 each
boleh hang kt console drawers, cabinet knob,wardrobe knob,floor lamp or in d bathroom..sure sweet
'Stand' - for decoplate n frames
M- RM4
S- RM3
min orders 2 pcs
Sweet Roses Mugs (6 mugs + 1 stand)
English Floral Heart Shape Cushion (with insert)
1 pc - RM45
2 pcs - RM80
5 pcs - RM190
please click image to see close up of the design

Sweet Roses Wall Decor (star,round,bell)
1 pc - RM8
2 pcs - RM15
3 pcs - RM22
6 pcs - RM40
-can mix designs and
- can be used as door gifts(just attach ribbons and tags through d hole)
-if purchase more than 100pcs,the price is RM5,ribbons and tags decoration is free..colour of yr choice
-call or sms me to nego..0136798081
'TOILET' & 'WELCOME' Signage
1 PC - RM17
2 PCS - RM30
Classic English Table Lamp- dark brown,ceramic base
RM69 - clearance sale 40% -new price is RM 41