WH @ 17 ingin menjemput anda ke :
Ada blogger friends yg request hanger to hang memorable gowns of their this is it..above picture,hanger yg i guna utk display my girl's gown is pink velvet

Velvet Hanger (white,babyblue and pink)

Satin Hanger (white,babyblue n very soft pink)

Mirror Makeover

This is d mirror makeover yg i buat which i display on my fireplace...actually dh few months ago..bila frenz asyik tanya...ada tk anything yg i buat sendiri utk deco rmh,baru teringat nk load pic byk yg dibuat because of time constrain..mirror ni i bought at ikea..home deco shopaholic sure biasa tgk mirror ni..bila dh boring with the oak color,i sprayed it white and decoupage la..what else..teringin nk paint folkart on it but blum ada time nk g class..

Decoupage Boarder by me...

i dh pening nk pilih design wallpaper boarder..yg lama dh serpih here and there..after surveying few wallpapr shops in shah alam & kl...i finally decided to do it my self...lebih jimat & most of all,limited edition...i used decoupage technic..this is d result...dr petang smpai 3 am baru siap living room and d following day continue kt tv room..process mnggunting tissue,fuhhh...only god knows..
'Lavender'... in a ceramic pot

Sweet Roses Soap Dish - roses around the dish
'FRUITS GARDEN' POTS (set of 3 )
RM 24
Chef fridge magnet & bottle opener (2 in 1)
RM8 EACH- all 3 sold