WH @ 17 ingin menjemput anda ke :
Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera semua...its been so long....dh lama benar saya tk update blog...terlalu busy dgn karier..anak2 (especially my eldest one yg selalu sakit2).
Saya minta maaf byk2 coz dh byk sms customers n blogger friends yg saya tk reply.
really hope you all sms sekali lagi n mention item yg you all interested that day...insyaallah sms akan di balas segera...
dh lama tk buat SALE!!!!!!BOLEH BROWSE FEW DISCOUNTED ITEMS BELOW !!!!If interested plizzz sms me - 0136798081
I just launched my new blog AISYA accessories, tudung, baju, brooch & many more....yang pasti all items are affordable and up to date....kalau buntu nk bersiap nk g dating or any functions...can come over to my house...tudung (siap dipakaikan sekali), accessories n make up disediakan...bye..wassalam